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Sample PDF

Music Samples

The following samples are in chronologically receding order. More will be added as and when time permits. I am grateful to the musicians and record labels for their permission to sample these pieces.

In Weston’s Yard  (1945)

from Opus 101, Four Original Pieces for organ), c.1945 This recording is from a 1996 CD The Organs of Eton College, Vol II, and is played by Robert Quinney. CD is available from Eton College. Weston’s Yard is a part of Eton College where the music director had his lodgings.


Gallimaufry  (1937)

Opus 86, piano arrangement of ballet suite Played by Simon Lane. Gallimaufry (an old English word meaning a medley) consists of numerous dance movements in different styles. (Private recording)


Tantivy Towers  (1931)

Opus 73, light opera – excerpt from piano arrangement of song ’As My Poor Father Used to Say’   Played by Simon Lane. Tantivy Towers (libretto by A P Herbert) was a success on the London stage in 1931. (Private recording)


Symphony in A minor  (1914-16)

Opus 48, 1st movement The recording is from the 2008 CD on Dutton Epoch, played by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra conducted by Martin Yates.


Symphony in A minor  (1914-16)

Opus 48, 3rd (slow) movement Recording details as above. Martin Yates, conductor, described the slow movement as “one of the loveliest things I have heard”.


Quintet in E  flat  (1898/9)

Opus 3, 3rd movement  The recording is from the 2005 CD on Dutton Epoch, played by the Endymion ensemble. Dunhill was 21 and still a student at the RCM when he wrote this.