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Sample PDF

PIANO project

PIANO   =   Pianos  In  Accessible New  Outlets

Promoting community use of pianos

PIANO is a project to make pianos available to the community - by locating a decent piano in vacant retail or community premises in a central location - thus enabling individuals and teachers to visit for occasional or regular practice, or teaching purposes.

The project benefits keyboard players who do not have access to a real piano at home, or those who can take a break during their working day, or are visiting a town in which PIANO operates.

The first PIANO location (now discontinued) opened in Crediton, Devon – July 2012, with a second facility at the Mint Methodist Church, Fore Street, Exeter – October 2012. At the latter, pianists may call in to the church and request the use of a room with a piano (subject to availability). A small donation to the church is welcome are welcome